Nothing is as simple as it seems.

Some schools have banned students from wearing creepy clown costumes for Halloween.

Is that your house?

He had hoped to succeed, but he didn't.

Can you get any closer?

I can't concentrate if you keep tapping me on the shoulder.


Rusty is pretty old.

We should do our utmost to establish world peace.

Is there something we can do to help?

Comments are not needed.

I've never even had a girlfriend.

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That work is poorly done.


We'd better go help them.

You have a really big day ahead of you.

Ernest made several trips around the world, but never told anybody about a single one of them.

The capital of the state is right on the equator.

She sounded desperate.


Nelken and I both got in the car.

Would you like to be considered for the job?

He contributed to the common good.

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Petr is my best friend. We do almost everything together.


I want to find out where Vicky went last week.

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She was sitting.

Takao never told you because he didn't want you to worry about him.

The wormhole is unstable.

When we started out in the summer of 2010, there were only three of us in the band.

Ralph's parents are both Canadians.

I have a friend who's a teacher in Boston.

Earl was snoring loudly.


The Second World War isn't over yet.

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Eskimos have ninety different words for snow.


You will soon come up with him if you run.

We saw the child get on the bus.

Len isn't weird.

The Secretary General is making a last-ditch effort to negotiate a peace treaty between the two warring factions.

Oscar will leave in a few days.


I don't know what you're complaining about.

I had tried to avoid thinking that as much as possible but as soon as I faced it I started to feel miserable.

You should follow Yvonne's example.

Let's put off the decision until tomorrow.

He made a box yesterday.


How often are letters delivered here?

Please apply to the employment office regarding the job in question.

It was an impulse buy.

Bea showed herself to be anything but talkative.

All the hotels in town are full.

We talked about many possibilities.

Guy is good with animals.

There are no gods.

That keeps happening to me.


She is eight months pregnant.

My sister has a nice piano.

Rodent and Tanaka knew each other.

I wish both of you'd keep quiet.

Get Marnix away from here.

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They are getting on the bus at the corner.

You really ought to study harder.

Don't arrive late at the railroad station.

It is great fun skiing on new-fallen snow.

This message is for Tad.

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Learning to drive requires a lot of practice.

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A lot of people were out of work during the Great Depression in America.


Be sure to clear the lint trap before you run the dryer. Otherwise, you might start a fire.


He knows how to cheat on his wife.

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That's why I wanted to talk to you.


We made sacrifices.

Leung must make his own decisions.

Shouldn't we wait a bit longer?

Isabelle is usually with his friends.

He has nothing.

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There is no such thing as a good stereotype.


You're starting to get on my nerves.

Corsica has some very picturesque landscapes.

Where are your people?

I got him to clean my room.

Take it easy, Claudia.


It doesn't matter whether you have money or not. I love you just the same.


They just want to have fun.

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Clarence isn't outgoing.

She does nothing but cry.

Students asked many questions at his lectures.

Myrick is going to call the cops.

The police arrested the suspect yesterday.

I know what you look like.

These are the steps that lead straight to failure.


I'll let you talk to Timothy.

We walked a lot.

Physics doesn't interest me at all.

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It is obvious that he is right.

We're on a tight budget.

I can't go to the mall.

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Carole didn't take off his shirt.

Well, the shirt is very cute.

Repeat your name!

Eliot was a real gentleman.

She fought for women's rights.

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Rich dislikes me.


They all yell.


Raif might be able to fix that.

During the talk, he used some words I didn't know that fascinated me.

My tomcat has a sunburn.


The Professor gave a lecture on solar energy yesterday. I gave a lecture on Relative Risk.

Dominic woke up the next morning feeling great.

I agree with what you said.

I tried to get down every word he said.

I say this from my own experience.

Saqib asked me if I wanted a cup of coffee.

This is too expensive.

Several people were standing in front of the notice.

My favourite genre of music is pop.

I really liked the gift you gave me.

Needless to say, diligence is a key to happiness.


Find out all you can about Jeff.

Health is the greatest gift.

Don't trust him. He's always lying. He lies about everything.

Jesse seems to have fallen into some kind of a coma.

Marci is a little bit mad, but we like him the way he is.

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He is proud of the fact that he has never consulted a doctor in his life.

What made him change his mind?

He came hoping to see you.

You'll have to be the boss.

I had a stroke last year.


As soon as I got out, I kicked the wall.


En garde!

What's in that closet?

I've got kids, too.


This is the first time I've ever forgetten Marika's number.

She loves me.

She has a beautiful voice.


That candidate deserves our support.


He is tall and handsome.

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I was fat.

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We're looking for more volunteers.


This tunnel was once considered the world's longest.

He is by far the best player on the team.

Linder won't be back before 2:30.


His car got no more than fourteen miles.


Rees doesn't like them.

When will the store open?

I will tell you my life story how it truly was.

At least we should try.

The men cried for help.

Denis was sitting on the stoop.

We're waiting for you.


I asked Blake to wait a minute.

It's a French word.

She works for a big advertising firm in New York.


They warmed themselves in the sun.


The sun sank slowly below the horizon.

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Only to err is to live, and knowledge is death.

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We want to do the right thing.